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Embrace Winter with Down Jackets Made in Canada

In Canada, the weather is as diverse as its people. This fair country has a reputation for harsh winters with driving snow and frigid temperatures. It isn’t uncommon to see Canadians bundled up for protection, heads burrowed deep within their coats trying to stay warm. Many avoid the beautiful outdoors in winter months because they lack high quality protection from the elements. There is no reason to stay inside with down jackets made for the Canadian climate!

Canada’s luxury apparel companies look to its indigenous people for inspiration when designing high quality winter outerwear that is efficient, but stylish. Filling jackets with duck down offers natural insulation properties that are incomparable to any synthetic products on the market – and for good reason! Down feathers create small air pockets inside the lining of jackets and coats, maintaining an even level of warmth – allowing for continued performance in the challenging winter climate. The best down parkas also provide head coverage with functional hoods lined with coyote or beaver fur. Canada’s arctic people have for years used real fur liners to protect the face from blowing snow and wind.
Canadian made, the best down jackets in Canada are made with these natural luxury materials that offer both functionality and style for anyone stepping out during winter months. Whether in remote areas north of the Arctic Circle, or on the blustery Canadian streets, down jackets made with natural materials are sure to keep you warm while you enjoy all that winter has to offer! Winter shouldn’t hold you back from doing the things you love. Put on your down jacket and take on the beauty of Canada’s winter.
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Canada is known around the world for it’s harsh winter climate. With a nickname like The Great White North, we have a reputation for blustery wind and blowing snow. For centuries, indigenous people living in the Arctic tackled the winter with parkas made from natural materials sourced from coyotes, beavers, geese and ducks. The modern down jacket uses this for inspiration and top outfitters manufacture their outerwear accordingly. Using Canadian made materials, luxury jackets are lined with duck down and hoods with coyote fur to protect from the elements. Investing in a high quality down jacket made in Canada enables Canadians and others in similar climates to embrace the winter months, not hide from them. The natural down made from duck feathers is the best insulation as it allows warm air to stay trapped within the lining of the jacket. Duck down is more accessible than goose because there is a higher demand for duck meat than goose. Feathers collected from farms are used to create higher insulation without compromising on a luxuriously warm feel. Collections of Arctic-inspired down jackets are available in sizes for men, women and kids. Bundle up in comfort with Canadian-made down jackets and enjoy everything winter has to offer!

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